Pura Vida Grows Sales After Giving Back to Customers

As a brand of handmade accessories that expanded from popup store sales to an ecommerce business with artisans and shoppers worldwide, Pura Vida wanted to give back to its customer community. Pura Vida launched their branded rewards program using S Loyalty to integrate seamlessly into their online store.

Customers that engage with “Pura Vida Points” loyalty program:

Make 0 x
more orders than average customers
Have 0 x
the average spending
Increased by 0 %*
in loyalty rewards redemption

*Jan – Jun 2017 vs. Jan – Jun 2018

**Customers that engage with the loyalty program refers to loyalty members with at least one reward redemption.

The S Loyalty shopper overlay allows customers to redeem discount codes and special offers.

About Pura Vida Bracelets

In 2010, Griffin Thall and Paul Goodman crossed paths with two bracelet artisans in Costa Rica. Jorge and Joaquin made beautiful bracelets that captured the spirit of their home country, but they lived in poverty, crammed into a single room homes with their families. Griffin and Paul on impulse asked Jorge and Joaquin to make 400 bracelets to take home to San Diego, California, where the bracelets were placed in a bowl at a local boutique. When the bracelets sold out in days, Griffin and Paul realized these bracelets were more than just accessories and represented a movement symbolizing the simple things in life that customers wanted to be a part of.

Since Pura Vida’s early days, it has now expanded to a community of 350+ artisans spanning the globe from Costa Rica to India and worn by millions of people around the world. Thanks to the support of Pura Vida Bracelets customers, its community artisans are able to depend on steady income in positive working environments.

Pura Vida needed to an effective way to reward its customer community, the people who shared their vision, became brand advocates, and were repeat customers. In 2015, Pura Vida began using S Loyalty’s branded rewards program to delight customers without increasing administrative overhead for the operating team.

S Loyalty app has helped us engage our buyers better, and over time we have seen how our return loyalty members contribute a significant percentage of sales. Since we started using it three years ago, over half a million customers have engaged with our loyalty program.

Pura Vida customized their loyalty program branding to match the store theme.

How S Loyalty Helps Business

Giving back is one of Pura Vida’s core beliefs. In addition to partnering with over 100 charities around the world and donating more than $1,534,879 to causes, Pura Vida wanted to give back to another part of its community: its customers. With customers around the world, they needed a loyalty program that could automatically help members earn points and create discounts or special campaigns.

Having S Loyalty meant we had a professional, ready-to-go rewards program that we could set up instantly. The app’s simple interface allowed our team to quickly customize things such as the colour and images to fit our brand. With everything automated, we could focus on new products, campaigns, and collaborations.

In 2015, Pura Vida began using S Loyalty to create their rewards program which seamlessly integrated into their Shopify store. The program features included an automated point earning and reward redemption process, which meant that Pura Vida’s team did not need to spend extra time managing the loyalty program. Instead, the team could focus on the day-to-day operations of releasing new collections, developing new initiatives and customer service.

S Loyalty’s Value to Customers

Since Pura Vida began using S Loyalty, sales data shows a steady increase in customer engagement even through the program’s core features, significantly increasing customer order numbers and purchase value.

By using S Loyalty’s rewards program, Pura Vida allowed customers to earn 10 points per $1 spent, redeem rewards with points and get discounts when they made purchases. Pura Vida customers could conveniently check their points balances and redeem offers that suited them. Loyalty members with redemption experience spend more than the average customers. The accumulated loyalty points, growing product lines, seasonal items, and Pura Vida customer stories encouraged fans to stay connected to Pura Vida as a brand and support the community through continued purchases.

Honestly this app has been a huge addition to our online store. It has allowed our customers to become MUCH more loyal and repeat buyers…I 100% recommend this app to any Shopify store looking to gain loyal, repeat buyers!

Also check out S Loyalty’s additional features such as special event bonuses, shopper notifications, and multi-language support!

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