Successful brands are made of loyal customers

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Give your customers more reasons to come back

Engage and reward your customers for their loyalty to your brand. Make your rewards program central to your customer experience.


Design rewards that will delight your customers. Set your own custom redemption levels, and choose between multiple types of rewards.


Easily run branded campaigns for accelerated loyalty point earning. Schedule events and offer points to encourage customers to come back and shop.


Offer awesome personalized loyalty program experiences such as custom bonuses and meaningful onsite messages to each individual customer, new and returning.

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Better Life

We love S Loyalty as they have allowed us to provide an incredible loyalty program to reward customers for shopping with us. The refer a friend feature has been instrumental in helping get our products referred to friends of customers. Our goal is to make this planet a cleaner and safer place to live and S Loyalty is helping us do just that.


Planet Applique

Our customers absolutely love their loyalty points. In fact, our customers rely so heavily on our rewards that it is the single biggest influence behind purchases made on our website…

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