Building customer loyalty pays off for Planet Applique

Seeking for a new way to engage with their community and loyal customers, Planet Applique launches My Planet Rewards. Customers that engage with the loyalty program, on average:

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About Planet Applique

Becca Lowder is a graphic designer by trade and heavily involved in the embroidery community. As maternity leave transitioned into a permanent leave, she found a overlap with her sewing hobby and career in graphic design.

Wanting to share her designs with families everywhere, she opened a BigCommerce store to host all of her designs, selling digital files and assets to embroidery hobbyists around the world.

Planet Applique wanted something that extends their giving nature. Being a community leader and staple in the crafts and embroidery circle, they wanted something that expressed their gratitude to the community and helped them to reward their loyal customers.

A loyalty program not only helped them continue to build their brand loyalty, but plays a key part in helping them reward their customers. As they already give freebies to their customers every month, S Loyalty enabled them to give loyalty points and further delight their customers.

Our customers absolutely love their loyalty points. In fact, our customers rely so heavily on our rewards that it is the single biggest influence behind purchases made on our website.

Rehbecca Lowder, Designer
Planet Applique storefront
Loyalty Overlay for Planet Rewards

The Benefit of S Loyalty

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Planet Applique has always given free gifts to their customers. While looking for a solution that would help extend that, they found S Loyalty. They found that they can focus on engaging with their customers, extending their monthly free gifts with a points and rewards system their customers love.

We sleep better knowing that loyalty points are handling the flow of coupon use on our website. We never offer any other coupons and do not need to because of the coupons that customers are gaining through the loyalty program. We can just focus on releasing new products, and customer service, and on creativity which is what drives our business and our customers.

For Becca, choosing S Loyalty came down to the reliability, ease of use, and seamless automation. As the loyalty program automated the point earning and reward redemption process, she and her husband and business partner Corey can focus on day-to-day operations, and creating new designs.

Planet Applique has thousands of designs, ranging from holiday specific characters, to fonts for every occasion. Their collection continues to grow regularly. Having something that automated the customer loyalty and brand development process allows Becca to focus more of her time on doing what she loves.

Value to Customers

Analyzing orders since Planet Applique used S Loyalty, we have found that customers using and engaging with the loyalty program on average, make more orders and spend more.

In only a year of using S Loyalty, Planet Applique’s efforts in giving back to their customers, rewarding them, and building brand loyalty has shown tremendous value. They have received positive feedback from customers who enjoy earning and redeeming loyalty points.

With the loyalty program, customers are encouraged to make bigger purchases as they may want to maximize the rewards. By earning points on each purchase, customers are given another reason to come back to use and earn more points.

We wanted to be different from anyone in our industry. We continue to stay far ahead of the competition because of the loyalty points, and other free items we give our customers. We wanted a loyalty program that matched our attitude of giving to our customers. We already give our customers freebies each month and also with each purchase, so the loyalty program carried on our giving nature.

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