Your online store is unique, so your loyalty program should be too! We’re proud to announce two powerful rewards creation upgrades that can boost your store’s customer engagement and retention. S Loyalty 2.0 merchants can now offer customers a “Pay with Points” and “Advanced Conditions for Rewards”. Use them to apply effective offline retail offer strategies to your online store in minutes!

The “Advanced Conditions for Rewards” allows merchants to set discounts for specific collections or items, and after a minimum spend, so that merchants can create sales offers that encourage higher purchases. This feature is available to BigCommerce and Shopify merchants using the paid version of S Loyalty 2.0.

The “Pay with Points” feature is also available to all paid Shopify merchants using S Loyalty 2.0. This feature lets merchants set up a simple rewards program for shoppers to see how their points can go directly towards future purchases. Merchants can set how much cash value a point in their loyalty program has and customers can flexibly redeem a dollar amount off with a uniquely generated discount code.

Advanced Conditions for Creating Rewards

S Loyalty Free Item Advanced Rewards

With new advanced conditions for rewards, merchants can have more flexibility to:

  1. Set a minimum order dollar amount before shoppers can receive a discount on specific products or collections
  2. Feature a free product for redemption

Your marketing team will love tying these into their eDMs with featured items, collections and seasonal specials!

To match with each platform’s product design, Shopify merchants choose a minimum order amount per collection and BigCommerce merchants set a minimum order amount for the entire transaction.

Benefits of Setting Advanced Conditions for Rewards

Get Shoppers to Meet a Minimum Spend

Increase shopper spending per order with incentives commonly used in psychological pricing. Or, instead of having customers redeem items for free, have a minimum spend to cover your shipping costs for a special offer.

Limit Redemptions to Items You Choose

Control what items you want to be selling by choosing specific products or featured collections. Use this feature for seasonal items and restrict customers from using points to redeem high-value or limited-edition products for free.

S Loyalty is available for merchants on Shopify and BigCommerce. Try S Loyalty for free today!


Allowing Customers to Pay with Points

pay with points loyalty program shopify bigcommerce

We have made it easy for you to let customers pay with their points. When a shopper wants to convert their points into money, they can redeem the cash value that they would like in the form of a unique discount code. Customers can then apply the discount code during checkout for their order.

Benefits of Offering a Pay with Points Reward

1. Give First Time Shoppers a Reason to Come Back

Many first-time customers do not return to a store because they may not have earned enough points to redeem rewards yet. Giving new shoppers a way to use their points right away as a cash discount gives them a reason return sooner. Return customers spend an average of 120% more in a year, according to a report by Stitch Labs.

2. Increase Purchase Order Sizes

Providing discounts and offers helps boost sales with higher conversions and bigger orders. Since shoppers can convert points to a dollar value, they can use their points more frequently and spend with a higher budget.

3. Give Personalized Prompts

Give your return shoppers good news the moment they sign in. A signed in user will automatically see a pop up shopper notification message if they have enough points to redeem a reward. By seeing relevant rewards that they can already claim, shoppers have a strong reason use it and make a purchase every time they return.

4. Give Rewards that Stick

Give shoppers a meaningful reward they can quickly understand, such as $1 for every 1 point.  The feature takes a minute to activate, but helps a customer easily remember your store. Forbes reported a study finding that 84% of customers choose stores based on discounts.

This feature is available to Shopify and BigCommerce users with S Loyalty 2.0.


S Loyalty is available for merchants on Shopify and BigCommerce. Try S Loyalty for free today!