Here at S Loyalty, we’re expanding beyond the core loyalty program and creating new features to engage new and returning customers.

Today, we’re excited to launch more Bonus Point Campaigns. Many of you asked, and we listened. We understand that finding new ways to engage customers is a huge pain. We explored new ways for you to engage your customers, and Campaigns are something we’re extending and building off of.

All Campaigns automatically start and stop based on your scheduling, calculate and award bonus points, and have built in checks to make sure you meant to do what you set.

We’re starting with three types of campaigns: Double and Triple points, Spend X get Y, and Special Events.


Double and Triple Points

Double and Triple points help you engage new and returning customers to spend during a scheduled campaign period. Shoppers will earn two or three times the normal amount of points per dollar during a campaign period. 


Spend Every X Get Y

The Spend Every X Get Y campaign encourages shoppers to spend more. For every time a shopper spends in multiples of the set threshold, they’ll be awarded bonus points. For example, for every $100 a shopper spends, they’ll be awarded the extra points at the same time that the normal points are given. If a shopper spends $200, they’ll be given twice the bonus points.

Special Events Bonus

Special Events bonuses help re-engage returning customers by awarding bonus points for visiting your store. Shoppers with store accounts will be given a link that award them a set bonus amount. Special Events works great for smaller shopping holidays, and even your store anniversary. You can also limit the campaign to customers that have made one previous order.

Campaigns are powerful features that when paired with your usual marketing efforts, can help boost sales, encourage new and returning shoppers, and increase brand loyalty.

See how other merchants have used Campaigns at the Campaign Gallery.

S Loyalty is available for merchants on Shopify and BigCommerce. Try S Loyalty for free today!