S Loyalty has revamped our console to make it easier than ever to manage your loyalty program on desktop and mobile! When Shopify introduced a new store admin in June, our team dived right into creating an embedded S Loyalty console to give Shopify merchants more convenient access to orders and customer information directly from the Shopify store admin.

Now, merchants can also access relevant loyalty rewards and customer information on the go with mobile, as well as on desktop directly from the Shopify Admin console.

Access your loyalty program anywhere from mobile

Our team has made the S Loyalty program accessible from Shopify’s iOS and Android apps that most of the same features as the desktop app. You can check up on a campaign status or follow up on a customer query about their loyalty points whenever you have a few minutes. Improve your customer experience by checking their customer information to give accurate and timely responses.

Access S Loyalty directly from Shopify’s admin console

The latest version of the S Loyalty app is now fully integrated into Shopify admin console instead of working on a separate browser. This integration has no change to your S Loyalty console and adds quick links to the relevant S Loyalty pages on your Shopify Admin console’s Customers and Discount pages.

These quick links helps merchants quickly access customer loyalty points, redeemed coupon codes, and used coupon codes directly from Shopify’s Admin console. Merchants can navigate conveniently between redemptions and campaigns to spot patterns in user behaviour.

Please see how to access the quick links from your Shopify Admin console below.

Access your loyalty program member list
Cross reference your Shopify customer list with your loyalty program member list, which is synchronized with Shopify’s customer list.

Access an individual customer’s redeemed and used codes
You can check on how many used and redeemed codes an individual customer has in S Loyalty directly from the Shopify Admin console.

Access your rewards list from Shopify discounts page
You can cross-check discount codes (redeemed and unredeemed) on your Shopify Admin Discounts page with the active rewards programs on your S Loyalty console.

Check the relative reward from the discount code page

You and your team can now manage your loyalty program more effectively by accessing the relevant S Loyalty page directly from your Shopify Admin console, on desktop and mobile!

Available to all S Loyalty merchants.

If you haven’t already, add your staff team to your S Loyalty account so they can help you manage campaigns and address customer queries as well!

S Loyalty is available for merchants on Shopify and BigCommerce. Try S Loyalty for free today!