S Loyalty has supercharged your loyalty program rewards with on demand discount codes generation. By automating your discount code generation process, you can focus instead on learning more about the spending habits of your customers and driving more sales.

Benefits of on demand code generation

S Loyalty has introduced on demand discount code generation by using Shopify’s recently introduced Price Rules API. Previously, technical restrictions meant that customers could not redeem discount codes right away when rewards are introduced. Merchants needed to separately create discount codes for each reward with the bookmarklet. When all discount codes were redeemed by customers, the reward was paused and hidden from the store. Merchants needed to create more discount codes before customers could continue to redeem the reward.

Immediate discount code redemption

Automatic discount code generation saves you the hassle of generating the codes. After this upgrade, when you create a new reward on the S Loyalty reward dashboard, you will not need to take any additional steps to handle code generation.

No more code conflicts or management

Never worry about upsetting customers who wish to redeem rewards but have no available codes at the time of redemption, especially during sale seasons when codes could run out easily. With codes that are generated only when a customer uses loyalty points to redeem the reward, you will not have to track which rewards are about to run out of codes or ask customers to wait if discount codes ran out. Codes will be available as long as your reward is active. This also means you will never have to manage unredeemed codes, either.

With this improved discount code handling, you can ensure the rewards that you offer will not have hiccups that impact customer conversion and sales.

How to activate it

S Loyalty merchants who have joined after May 15, 2017, will already have this feature built into their rewards console.

For merchants who have been using S Loyalty before May 15, 2017, please follow the steps below to unlock this automatic code generation feature.

Open the Apps page of your Shopify Admin console.

Click on S Loyalty – Retention and Loyalty Program

Click Unlock these features to grant S Loyalty access to manage your price rules, which helps generate the codes after you’ve created a reward.

This upgrade ensures the quality of your customer experience which can also increase sales and retention.

Automatic discount code generation is part of the Rewards feature available to all S Loyalty merchants.

S Loyalty is available for merchants on Shopify and BigCommerce. Try S Loyalty for free today!