Do you remember being offered perks when you shared your Dropbox, AirBnb, Uber, or Amazon Prime? Why not get a few bonus credits for sharing their links? Those referral offers have helped some of the world’s largest companies expand. Now, you can do it too with a simple integration!

The S Loyalty team is excited to announce a refer-a-friend integration with ReferralCandy!

We recognize the importance of referrals for business growth. At the same time, we wanted to focus on our core product: developing a great loyalty program for merchants. To that end, we have integrated the best referral program available on Shopify and Big Commerce, ReferralCandy, directly into S Loyalty’s app. ReferralCandy’s comprehensive features, such as fraud prevention, are trusted by multinational brands such as UNIQLO. By utilizing their expertise for referrals, S Loyalty can remain committed to delivering a cohesive loyalty program that is convenient for merchants to use and feels seamless for shoppers receiving rewards.

Research has found that 80% of satisfied customers are willing to make referrals and 84% of people trust referrals from people they know. Add a layer of sophistication to your loyalty program by giving perks to your happiest customers and loyal advocates to help refer new shoppers.

Adding referral rewards to S Loyalty’s single overlay

A customer’s value goes beyond what they spend at your store. Customers are a brand’s best evangelists who are sharing their positive reviews on forums like Quora, products they’ve bought on Instagram and Facebook, and recommendations to people who are looking for your items or services.

Merchants using S Loyalty can now add a referral feature in our existing loyalty overlay. No additional storefront widget or asset is needed, saving the precious storefront space for a faster website load time and better customer shopping experience.

ReferralCandy’s comprehensive fraud prevention features

shopify rewards referral program integration

One reason we partnered with ReferralCandy is because their referral program goes the extra mile to protect businesses by tracking referral fulfilment. ReferralCandy’s fraud prevention includes recognizing existing customers, checking if advocates are referring themselves, and providing tools that help merchants handle fraud by voiding transactions or banning advocate who abuse the system. With ReferralCandy integrated into the S Loyalty console, merchants can have full control of approving referrals and guard against abuse.

One interface to manage loyalty and referral rewards

ReferralCandy’s core service is to provide shoppers with a unique referral link that they can easily share with their friends on social media or other channels. The person who makes the referral will receive points when their friends click on their link and make purchases. Your shoppers are your most effective advocates to the quality customers you want to be reaching.

Typically, referral programs send referral coupon codes via e-mail, which is an added hassle for merchants and shoppers to manage. By managing ReferralCandy rewards through S Loyalty console, merchants and customers can integrate rewards in one place.

Engaging shoppers at the right time

The S Loyalty rewards program also takes care to engage customers at the right time with our shopper notifications. For stores with our referral feature, a shopper notification will prompt customers to use their recently acquired points and rewards earned from referral sales. These touch point details create a cohesive customer experience that differentiates your brand.


Try now to see how referrals can help grow your business! Check out our ReferralCandy setup guide.

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