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How S Loyalty Works

Discover how a loyalty program can help your business

Loyalty Program

At heart of S Loyalty is the core loyalty program: points, rewards, campaigns, and more. Everything is handled automatically after you set it up. Designed beautifully for your store, it’s easily customizable to match your brand.


Campaigns extend the loyalty program beyond existing customers. Create new incentives to attract new customers, and re-engage existing ones.


Personalized messaging is more impactful. With Thank You Messages – present a powerful message after a customer completes their first order. Take every opportunity to increase the chance that they’ll become loyal to your brand.

Case Study: Planet Applique

Planet Applique customers that engage with S Loyalty make 2x as many orders and spend 58% more per order.

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Advanced features made easy

Anniversary Bonus

Let your customers celebrate your store anniversary with bonus points.

Points Expiration

Points aren’t meant to last forever, create a sense of urgency with points expiration.

Shopper Notifications

Keep your customers engaged with your loyalty program and remind them when they have points to redeem.

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